"Kevin Burdette gave a detailed and suave portrayal of the wily Don Alfonso, who sets the plot into motion by proposing that the boyfriends test their girls’ fidelity by wooing each other’s girl in disguise." -Melinda Bargreen, Seattle Times

"Kevin Burdette stood out as a creaky yet intellectually vigorous Don Alfonso, delivering lines with the wit and wide range of timbre one should expect from this worldly-wise but not yet world-weary character. " -American Record Guide

"Kevin Burdette gave a nimble performance, playing Don Alfonso as a kind of sleazy emeritus womanizer, as if Giovanni had returned from hell to open a consulting business." -Boston Globe

"In the crucial but somewhat smaller roles of Don Alfonso and Despina, Kevin Burdette and Laura Tatulescu (who sing these roles in all performances) nearly stole the show.... Burdette was a marvel: suave, graceful, and charming, he almost made the audience like the deplorable Don Alfonso, thereby adding another layer of discomfort and complexity." -Alice Bloch, Seattle Gay News


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