"Kevin Burdette’s commanding bass voice, as the main character Beck Weathers, helped to guide the story between the glimpses into the lives of the expeditioners and their expedition. Burdette also makes sure we don’t forget where Weathers is from as he injects quite the Texas twang into his performance. " -Opera Pulse

"Kevin Burdette was colorful as Beck, who, against all odds, saves himself." -Wall Street Journal

"Bass Kevin Burdette, who plays Beck Weathers, makes his own memorable vocal stamp on the production. He sings with a swagger and a deep Texas drawl (his lyrics even include a “ya’ll” or two), but his accent never hinders his musicality. He’s endearing, and he gets some of Talbot’s best writing." -D Magazine

"The sturdy baritone Kevin Burdette, as the survivor Weathers, brought an optimistic note to the close in greeting his young daughter with outstretched arms." -Financial Times

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