"Burdette, a bass who made his Santa Fe debut in 2011 in The Last Savage, was by far the production’s best comic asset, with a well-honed repertory of sounds, grimaces, and body contortions, and a powerful voice to boot. His send-up of military discipline in the first act, Pif paf pouf, tara papapoum, complete with uproariously obscene pelvic thrusts and his terrorized cadets all in lock-step, was the funniest bit of the evening." -Charles T. Downey, Classical Review

"[T]he ability to cast Kevin Burdette as General Boum is a godsend. Burdette – tall, lean, good-looking, physically coordinated, strong vocally, adept at the linguistic patter expected of a comic basso - utterly transformed the character he played." -William Burnett, Opera Warhorses

"Kevin Burdette is a great comic actor and his portrayal of the pompous General Boum is a highlight of the production. Somewhere between Colonel Klink and Barney Fife, with a touch of Woody Allen, he is equally subtle and slapstick—occasionally at the same time. Vocally, he has a rough and deep baritone reminiscent of Norman Treigle." -Gregory Sullivan Isaacs, Theater Jones

"And Kevin Burdette is stentorian as General Boum, at whose expense Fritz is promoted." -James R. Oestreich, New York Times


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