"Kevin Burdette was perfect as Doctor Dulcamara. He had the unctuous looks. But he had the voice, too, dipping in to a sound blend of cheer and edge that allowed him to explain, vocally, why we fall for a good huckster every time." -Peter Dobrin, Philadelphia Inquirer

"I’ve praised Kevin Burdette highly before, and my faith in his talents and ability to win an audience has not wavered one bit. As Dulcamara, snake oil salesman extraordinaire, Mr. Burdette was slimy and unsavory while still remaining somehow lovable. Of course, his singing was just as skillful as that of his cast mates." -David Browning, Huffington Post

"[B]ass Kevin Burdette, as the quack doctor Dulcamara, had a blast with [his] role . . . chewing up scenery and seeming to relish every moment of it." -James Chute, U-T San Diego

"Those who were delighted with American bass Kevin Burdette's Company debut last season as Sgt. Sulpice in Daughter of the Regiment must have been thrilled with his performance as Dr. Dulcamara. Unlike the typical Falstaff-like buffoon often seen in this role, Burdette was all spindly limbs and angularity: an operatic Jim Carrey, both in looks and in comic genius, whose pratfalls were done with convincing ease. His versatile range of roles both traditional and contemporary, and his experience in opera companies such as the Met, Santa Fe, and Teatro Colòn in Buenos Aires, served him well, as he negotiated the complex range of vocal and dramatic demands without overplaying the character’s boisterousness and tomfoolery." -Erica Miner, BroadwayWorld.com

"Kevin Burdette's Dulcamara was a crowd favorite who sang the role with a brassy bass sonority that sparkled through Donizetti's crackling patter aria. His Mad Hatter appearance made for a most enjoyable and endearing character. Although a quack, he was a loveable one." -Matthew Richard Martinez, Bachtrack

"The fraudulent traveling medicine salesman, Dr. Dulcamara, is a juicy buffo part, often played by a singer of some sizable girth, but trim American basso Kevin Burdette brought this role a fresh look and lots of fresh comic schtick, the latter, no doubt, in collaboration with director Stephen Lawless... Burdette, sounding great, had wonderful fun with it and so did the audience." -David Gregson, Opera West

"One of the most interesting (and athletic) of the current artists who assay the comic opera buffo roles, he hilariously dispatched Dulcamara’s tongue-twisting patter song announcing the zillion positive virtues of the snake oil he was hawking (with none of the alarming side effects we hear about in our pharmaceutical television advertisements). His was a memorable Dulcamara, spirited and, beneath all the character’s chicanery, genuinely affecting." -William Burnett, Opera Warhorses

""Bass Kevin Burdette (who appeared in Opera Philadelphia’s Cold Mountain earlier this season) is a laugh-out-loud riot as that self-proclaimed 'grand, Encyclopaedic doctor' Dulcamara of 'Udite, udite o rustici' ('Listen, listen, o peasants'), relishing his deceptions and playing the crowd, as he throws flyers around the square, attracts an audience with his portable phonograph, and cons them into buying his phony elixir. " -Deb Miller, D.C. Metro Theater Arts

"Kevin Burdette, an unusually suave, agile bass, gave the elixir salesman Dr. Dulcamara a persuasive, even sympathetic spin." -Ken Herman, San Diego Story


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