"Leporello was Kevin Burdette . . . his performance was a tour de force of vocal splendor and comic timing." -San Francisco Chronicle

"The acrobatic Leporello of Kevin Burdette is just as alarming [as The Don]. He has an antic side that he is able to turn on and off as with a paranormal switch. His 'Catalog' aria of the Don's 1,003 conquests is no longer crafty patter but, at a slow tempo, an examination of the unbearable essence of the libido." -Los Angeles Times

"The rest of the international cast, mostly young but already veterans in their parts, provided a luxurious vocal feast, seeming to top each other at every turn. Kevin Burdette, allowed some knock-kneed high jinks as Leporello, delivered a delicious comic performance, pointed and penetrating of voice." -Musical America

"Leporello, performed by American bass Kevin Burdette, truly stole the show for me. He not only has an impressive voice, but also is a fantastic comic actor of the very physical sort, often interacting directly with the audience. He at times reminded me of the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. I cannot say enough. He was captivating, and everyone adored watching him." -Huffington Post

'The character Leporello is a show-stealer, and bass Kevin Burdette managed the heist in style, whether mouthing off at his master in their buddy scenes, imitating the boss’s walk and voice in the disguise scene, or just trying not to get too seriously injured when another of the Don’s schemes goes awry. His comic timing and wide-ranging basso buffo made him an audience favorite." -Boston Classical Review

"Don Giovanni's other half, Leporello, was superb basso Kevin Burdette, who sang wonderfully despite having been instructed to stagger around the stage like a puppet tangled in his strings. Now, here's some deep Regietheater symbolism for you, but Burdette pulled it off brilliantly. He could have a career as a dancer." -Opera West

"In one of the most boisterous and exciting moments of director Christopher Alden's Don Giovanni . . . the Don's servant Leporello (played with humor and dexterity by bass Kevin Burdette), sings of his master's ever-growing list of sexual conquests . . . At one point, Leporello is limp with dread and fear, and drapes himself over a cube, which simultaneously serves as Don Giovanni's lavish dining table. Here, lying on his stomach, arms askew, Leporello delivers his operatic belts. No small physical feat." -Domus

"It is difficult to single out any one soloist, because all of them were outstanding, not only in their singing, but also their acting and movements, often slow, stylized and very sensual. However, Kevin Burdette who sang the role of Leporello was especially convincing, while at the same time bringing out all the humor in the role." -Culture Spot LA

"Sidekick Kevin Burdette made an amusing entrance as Leporello, crawling into view from underneath a heap of paper. When he sang the 'Catalog' aria listing his master's conquests -- in Spain alone, 1,003 -- he might as well have been walking through crumpled up drafts of the manuscript . . . . Burdette already presents a major voice." -Bloomberg

"Kevin Burdette was a resonant, loose-limbed Leporello." -New York Times

"Kevin Burdette was an excellent sidekick, both dramatically and vocally. His 'Catalogue Aria' was a highlight, as he stumbled from towering white page to page, reading off the women's names." -Culture Spectator

"Kevin Burdette [as Leporello]: Wow, what a package he is -- an actor personified, and a true-blue bass that's wonderfully deep but not too dark. Each time he was up, he topped his previous number. Articulation, projection, rapid-fire enunciations, and some thrilling rolled Rs left nothing to be desired." -Oak Ridger

"The hit of the evening has to have been Burdette, no stranger to the role of Leporello in his distinguished career. His every movement is virtually choreographed with never a wasted or overdone touch, all the while in perfect voice, a tribute to his own timing as well as to Griffin's meticulous direction." -South Shore Critic

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