"Also good was Kevin Burdette, whose high, baritonal bass was free of wooliness and clearly projected . . . 'The people that [walked] in darkness' had real impact while 'The trumpet shall sound' rose to glory on his strong declamation in tandem with Mark Ridenour's shining trumpet solo." -Chicago Tribune

“Kevin Burdette, who has been heard in several Seattle Opera productions, delivered tremendous drama and impact in his majestic opening recitative, ‘Thus saith the Lord,’ and his florid account of the final aria, ‘The trumpet shall sound.’” -Melinda Bargreen, Seattle Times

"This performance’s special sense of occasion was evident.… When bass Kevin Burdette uttered ‘Thus saith the Lord of Hosts,’ I wondered if UNC Chapel Hill’s seismograph might register the energy and command of his deep, sepulchral voice. His recitative and air in Part III, ‘The trumpet shall sound,’ was magnificent.... Diction was impeccable." -William Thomas Walker, Classical Voice of North Carolina

"Kevin Burdette rose and let forth the most magnificent bass voice ever heard by this reviewer. His range was solid from the bottom to the top. Burdette has a great stage presence to go along with his magnificent sound. His voice rocked the walls of this large auditorium . . . there was no limit to the strength and power of this voice. Every word was clear and pure. Burdette's physical presence is astounding. He shows himself to be at ease in front of an audience and is in command of the stage every moment he is performing . . . Burdette used his technique and skills in both speed and delivery to highlight his musical skills." -Midland Daily News

"Bass Kevin Burdette navigated his deep and difficult florid passages with power and clarity" -Cincinnati Enquirer

"Bass Kevin Burdette sang with a burnished, stentorian instrument that was flexible despite its heft – he tossed off demanding melismas with uncommon grace and ease." -Arts Now Nashville


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