"The whole cast acted admirably, starting with American Kevin Burdette in the role of Osmin, who has one of the best bass voices heard in some time. His was the star performance, but the rest weren't far behind." -El Clarín (Argentina)

"Kevin Burdette proved to be the man of the hour, revealing a bass voice of good quality combined with impeccable interpretation to give life to Osmin, a role that makes a lot of demand on the low register. The North American bass delivered his two arias with excellent vocal resources and stylistic precision." -Tiempo de Música

"The role of Osmin was portrayed in a novel way - not large and overbearing, but wiry and insidious - by the bass-baritone Kevin Burdette, whose musicality and solid, colorful timbre made it possible to be both funny and moving, but whose greatest merit was centered in the gravity and intonation of his voice." -La Nación (Argentina)

"Kevin Burdette, endowed with a beautiful, round bass voice, plays a lively Osmin." -Le Soleil

"The bass-baritone Kevin Burdette was excellent as Osmin." -Ambito Financiero (Buenos Aires)

"Kevin Burdette contributed an Osmin who knew how to emphasize the comic aspect of his character without turning it into a farce." -Opera Canada

"Kevin Burdette, as the pashas' overseer, Osmin . . . makes the comedy a comedy all by himself. Lean and lanky, with a Snidely Whiplash mustache and sneer to match, Burdette, a singer with a subterranean bass voice, turned every spoken line into an opportunity to act it out for more laughs. Anticipating his pleasure when the pasha executes his enemies, Burdette sang 'O wie will ich triumphieren' while dancing the Macarena, doing the moonwalk, prancing gangnem style, and singing some of the lowest notes in all of opera." -Grand Rapids Press



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