"There's so much going on -- with plenty of other characters sent in by Central Casting -- that it's no surprise an Elvis impersonator officiates at a wedding. He's one of several leather-clad guises taken on by the excellent bass Kevin Burdette." -Albany Times Union

"[Burdette's] comic moves were amazingly flexible and very funny, and his singing suited his growing importance very well." -Ithaca Journal

"Kevin Burdette really captivated in the role of the alchemist-factotum Popolani. Costumed as a lowlife whose fashion clock was stopped in 1973, his alternately manic-vegetative performance possessed, or perhaps was possessed by, the spirit of true anarchy." -The Post Standard

"Kevin Burdette’s Popolani (with the mullet, the ’stache, the cheap-o white sneakers) somehow stole every scene he was in with his goofy William Macy loser persona and explosive Jim Carrey physicality." -Metroland Newsweekly


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