"Kevin Burdette proves an audience favorite as the Sergeant of Police. Burdette has clearly been studying at the Groucho Marx School of Ballet, which seems just right for the policeman's lot in this Penzance." -Variety

"NYCO's rubber-limbed stalwart Kevin Burdette was perfectly cast as the timid Sergeant of Police." -Opera News

"Kevin Burdette's Sergeant of Police is another clear favorite, and the numbers with his cowardly cohorts-smoothly choreographed by Lynne Hockney-are highlights." -Backstage

"Cutouts of Alice in Wonderland and the March Hare have excellent box seats in which to view a Sergeant of Police who seems to have been transferred to the force from the Liza Minelli Division of the Ministry of Silly Walks . . . . are both terrific fun, as is Kevin Burdette's bursts of giddy strutting as the otherwise cowardly Sergeant of Police."


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