"Kevin Burdette brought a rueful puckishness to Stobrod, Ruby’s dissolute but reformed father (Ms. Higdon’s orchestral evocations of his fiddle tunes were high points in the score)." -Wall Street Journal

"The bass Kevin Burdette is piquant as Ruby’s ne’er-do-well father, Stobrod." -New York Times

“Ada laments that Stobrod, sung with a combination of ruggedness and sensitivity by bass Kevin Burdette, never really knew his admirable daughter Ruby...."
-Opera News

"The secondary parts were all in firm hands. Standouts among them include ... bass Kevin Burdette as the Blind Man and, especially, Stobrod, making that failed father lovable despite his failings and acing his realistic depiction by actually playing the fiddle..." Santa Fe New Mexican

"For 'Cold Mountain', Burdette (who, incidentally, grew up not far from where composer Higdon was raised) brought his authentic Eastern Tennessee accent to the incisively drawn characters of the Blind Man and Stobrod. For Stobrod, whose fiddle-playing is a plot point, Higdon composed some fiddle music which, incredibly, Burdette plays onstage, while singing." -Opera Warhorses



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