""Kevin Burdette, as the officer Sulpice, was the performer who seemed most to embrace the buffo tradition, enjoying snappily marching around the stage and offering a voice a couple of sizes larger than the others’." -Anne Midgette, Washington Post

"As Sergeant Sulpice, it was hard to believe that Kevin Burdette was the same performer who was so serious and compelling in Cold Mountain some days prior. Here, he was all loose limbs and German-challenged orator, a marriage of Dick Van Dyke and Mr. Magoo. Forget about solar panels, Mr. Burdette generates enough energy to power greater Santa Fe. That he also sang with a direct, polished delivery was icing on the pratfall." -James Sohre, Opera Today

“As Sulpice, hyper-moustachioed sergeant-major of the redoubtable 21st Regiment, [bass] Kevin Burdette provided his customarily adroit vocal and super-adroit physical comedy skills. During that delicate Tyrolean tune prefacing Act 2, he’s asked to pantomime an extended silent-comedy schtick.” -John Stege, Santa Fe Reporter

"Despite his youth, American bass Kevin Burdette was convincing as a military 'officer of a certain age' destined to kindle a romance with the Marquise. His opulent voice, which fit comfortably into this role, was a perfect compliment to his multifaceted characterization of Sulpice: tough and masculine, yet sympathetic and sweet, and always appropriately comical." -Opera Pulse

"[T]his new production has a special resonance thanks [in part to] ... the excellent choice of bass Kevin Burdette as the comical, paternal Sargent Sulpice Pingot.... Burdette and Phyllis Pancella play complicated roles as Sulpice and the Marquise of Berkenfeld, the older love interest. Sulpice is the comic lead whenever he has an opportunity, an aggressive, (half)-witty codger, who plays the same old, broken-record war story about his battlefield promotion by Napoleon every time his memory is jogged. Burdette’s facial expressions and idiotic jigs, place him somewhere between Dick Van Dyke and Robin Williams. He is worth watching, whether he is the focus of attention or not." -Roger Snodgrass, Los Alamos Daily Post

"Kevin Burdette’s robust and beautifully focused bass gave Sergeant Sulpice every ounce of military authority (towards his platoon) or fatherly sympathy (towards Marie) that each situation required. His trio with the soprano and tenor (“Tous les trois réunis”) sparkled with with delectable humor and suave definition." -San Diego Story

"The rest of the knockabout comedy was provided by that resourcefully droll comedian Kevin Burdette as Sergeant Sulpice, who caused much hilarity with his malingering over his ‘wounded’ leg in Act II.” -Opera News

"Happily, the appearance of the irreverent father-daughter duo Marie and Sergeant Sulpice (WNO newcomer and blessedly bombastic Kevin Burdette) invigorates the entire production." -Broadway World

"Kevin Burdette does droll work as Sulpice, the regimental sergeant, and provides vocal sparks along the way. His contribution helps make the bubbly Act 2 trio with Oropesa and Brownlee a major highlight." -Baltimore Sun

"Kevin Burdette’s Sergeant Suplice earned plenty of laughs, but is due credit for a beautiful, light bass voice that is rich in color and secure throughout the range. His natural demeanor on stage was a bonus as he was light on his feet but firm in his physical authority." -Bachtrack

“The sergeant of the regiment, with the unwieldy moniker Sulpice Pingot, is given an intentionally over-the-top portrayal by [bass] Kevin Burdette. His pantomime with the wine bottle opening the second act is not to be missed. Not a word is sung, not a word is spoken, but it triumphs as one of the highlights of the evening.” -D.S. Crafts, Albuquerque Journal

"A leaner, fitter Sergeant Sulpice than what most 'Fille' audiences are used to, this well-respected comic basso, was an engaging, very funny presence." -Opera Warhorses

"For this production, the Santa Fe Opera has paired Shrader with the incomparable basso buffo, assuring sparkling interplay (some quite possibly spontaneous) whenever Shrader and Burdette are near each other onstage. Burdette, unlike many singers cast in the lower voice comic roles, is vocally secure, is athletic and has a trim appearance that makes Sulpice’s budding romance with the Marquise seem plausible." -Opera Warhorses

"...Kevin Burdette, making his company debut, as Sergeant Sulpice, proved the equal of Costello and Vargicová and he looked a little lighter on his feet than either of them." -U-T San Diego

"Kevin Burdette’s performance as Sulpice is funny, enthralling, and a joy to watch..." -DC Theatre Scene

"As Sulpice, Mr. Burdette possesses a supple, light bass instrument that wraps perfectly around this opera’s light solo moments. He’s also not afraid to portray his character with hallmark vaudeville-style struts and double takes, whose exaggerated character reminds one of John Cleese in his Monty Python days.” -Terry Ponick, Communities Digital News

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